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About Author Janne Siegel

Janne-face-shot2Janne Siegel is an energetic, borderline neurotic multi-tasker, whose three dogs (her “Girls”) would still say is annoyingly slow when it comes time for making dinner and going on hikes, but who is really nice overall, especially after she finishes her morning meditation.

Living in Steamboat Springs, Colorado (a.k.a., “Dog Town, USA”) with her husband and her 3 patient Girls (a.k.a., her Muses), Janne has been recently published in the Valley Voice and is a member of the RMC Society of Children’s Books Writers & Illustrators.  She enjoys writing about the animals in our lives, and is currently working on a feature books on pets, a children’s book series based  on animals, and authoring a pet blog.

In her “previous life,” Janne practiced law for 20+ years, and, not missing a beat, recently transitioned into her new life as a writer. Janne also practices and teaches yoga, loves to cook (though not the grocery shopping part), and pretty much participates in all activities her mountain home has to offer.

Suffice it to say, Janne thoroughly embraces life in the Rocky Mountain lifestyle. She believes it takes 21 days to establish a new habit, is too scared to watch a horror movie or read a horror novel, and believes wholeheartedly in retail therapy.

Read more about Janne’s adventures in her Dear Taffy blog.