3 DIY Dog Toys

3 DIY Dog Toys

Dogs aren’t just loyal companions, they are family.

Just as we are conscious of what we put into our own bodies, it’s important to be mindful of the things we give to our pets. Every pet loves toys: They inspire play, encourage exercise, and allow dogs to engage their natural instincts.

A good dog toy doesn’t need a whole bunch of bells and whistles to be fun. Most dog toys can actually be made out of sustainable, recycled materials that are safe for your pet. Next time you’re thinking of treating your pup to a new chew toy, why not consider making one yourself? Chances are, you already have everything you need to make a fun toy for your furry friend. Making your own dog toys out of recycled materials is fun, easy, environmentally-friendly, economical, and a great way to utilize those old socks you’ll never wear again!

Braided T-shirt Toy

What you’ll need:
2–4 old T-shirts

Begin by cutting your shirt into a rectangle by cutting off the arms and neck. Cut 3-inch wide slits along the bottom edge of the shirts. Once you’ve cut slits all the way around the base, begin ripping upwards to create some nice fabric strips.

Next, gather the strips and tie them together at one end. I used one of the fabric strips to tie around the others. Make sure you tie it tightly so that it stands the test of time! Begin braiding the strips together. Once you reach the other end, tie the other side, leaving some fringe at the end. You can use your scissors to clean up any uneven pieces. And voila! You’ve got a super fun tug-of-war / fetch / chew toy for your pup to enjoy!

Ball and Sock Rope Toy

What you’ll need: 
1 long sock
1 ball (tennis/baseball/softball/lacrosse ball)

Insert the ball into the sock and let it fall down to the bottom. Tie a knot around the ball. Begin cutting 2–3-inch slits around the opening of the sock. Rip or cut along the slits up to the knot you’ve tied to create a fringe, and then divide the pieces into three parts and braid the fabric pieces.

Tie a knot at the end of the braid, leaving some fringe hanging off. You can use another piece of fabric to tie the end. And that’s it! You’ve got a fantastic toy that your dog will love to chase around.

Tennis Ball Rope Toy

What you’ll need: 
Tennis Ball
Rope (about 2–3-inches long)
Electrical Tape

Begin by drilling holes on opposite sides of your tennis ball. Run the rope through the holes so that it comes out on either side. Tie a knot on either side of the ball. Unravel the rope and separate each side into three strands. Braid the rope and secure end with electrical tape. You can also tie the ends of the rope together to create a loop for playing tug of war.

Any of these toys will make playtime even happier than usual. Don’t have time to make a homemade dog toy? Try a healthy ORGANIX® treat instead. You can use them like toys (a game of fetch, anyone?) or as rewards for good behavior in other games.

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