Device Addiction

Device Addiction

Dear Taffy,

I think my mom has a problem that may require an intervention by me. Seriously. Mom works at home, which is nice for me because I get to help her, AND when she takes a break, I always get a snack. However, as she has gotten busier, the time she spends on the computer, her phone, and her ipad is ANNOYING!!!! We can HARDLY make it out the door anymore for a run without her doing “one last check” of her email, tweets, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. I think her eyes may go bad if she keeps staring at screens 24/7! I think she needs to take a break and come play outside more with me. Any suggestions?




Dear Concerned,

I am in the same boat as you. My people are always on their devices, checking their devices or yelling at their devices. Here is what I have learned: Don’t bother them early in the day or right after lunch, but otherwise, you should repeatedly sit beside them, pant hard and put your nose in their lap. That will distract them from their devices and cause them to pet you and see what’s up. After they are satisfied everything is okay, they will go back to their device. However, you go right back to them, sit down, pant and put your nose in their lap. You can also lay down right beside their chair and let out multiple very loud groans. Look bored. Bring a toy or ball to them and put it in their lap. Be relentless. They will eventually get the hint and realize they need to get up and engage in the real world (a/k/a playtime with you). And voilà! Intervention mission completed.


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