Bellyache at Grandma’s

Bellyache at Grandma’s

Dear Taffy:

I have a really embarrassing problem. I went to my Grandma’s house for the first time with my mom and auntie over the weekend. Everything was so awesome there. They LOVED me! Grandma and Grandpa rubbed my belly, gave me treats, let me sit on the sofa, and took me for a ride in their truck to see the neighbors. They had the best places to take naps too – a cushy chair in the window where I could look out and see everything! However, as the day went on, my tummy didn’t feel very good. I didn’t want to say anything otherwise I wouldn’t keep getting yummy treats. But right after good night kisses from Grandma my tummy REALLY hurt. Before I knew what was happening, I was out of my mom’s arms, on the carpet and puking EVERYWHERE! My mom and aunt were horrified! Grandma said it was “all okay” and came over to pet my tummy. She concluded it “must have been all the excitement of the day.” I am worried that after this trip they won’t invite me back to their house. And I love Grandma and Grandpa (and their house)!


Dear Bellyache:
Well that does sound embarrassing, sorry to say. However, the good news here is that it happened at Grandma and Grandpa’s. As a rule, Grandma and Grandpa’s are WAAYYY more laid back and forgiving then anyone in the world. They love us no matter what mistakes we make, still ready to give us kisses even when we….ahem….throw up on their carpet. I’m sure once the incident was over, you got even more attention because they felt sorry for you. I wouldn’t worry about not getting another invite. Besides, your safety net is your mom and auntie – Grandma and Grandpa know if they want to see your mom and auntie, it is a package deal!



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