Dear Taffy:

I am an Aussie Shepard puppy and self-proclaimed “Guard of Everything House”. It is my job to let my people know when someone or something is in our yard, our driveway, on our porch, by window, etc. Admittedly I do have a pretty loud, scary, ferocious bark. It’s only a warning – once you get to know me, I am a sweet girl ready for a belly rub and a treat. I sleep in the downstairs room with my girl, and sometimes she has friends sleep with us too. My problem is this: at the last sleepover, when the moon came out, the girls opened the window and climbed out! I started barking like crazy because I knew Mom and Dad, and I for sure wanted to go with them on their night hike! Instead, they gave me treats and left me behind. I ran up to Mom and Dad’s room, began barking and running up and down the stairs. FINALLY, they got the hint. They went downstairs to find everyone gone and the window open. THEN they started yelling, while also giving me a bunch of treats, which was confusing. They stayed in her room until I barked again (because I heard people in the yard). When the girls started climbing back through the window, they didn’t seem too happy to see us all in the room. Do you know why the girls didn’t invite us on their night hike?



Dear Moonwalker:

Okay, let me explain. Your girl and her friends were NOT going on a moonlight hike, and specifically did NOT want you or your Mom and Dad to go with. They were “sneaking out” of the house and going to meet other friends. You got the treats when they climbed out the window because they wanted you to be quiet, which, as it turns out, you weren’t. Then, when you ratted them out to Mom and Dad, they were grateful you ratted, so voilà, another round of treats. I wouldn’t feel bad – you got the best end of the deal: Lots of treats and more time with your girl as I am sure she will be spending a lot more time in her bedroom without friends. A win-win for you my friend!


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