Dear Taffy:

I am an adorable, loveable mixed bred pup who loves my forever home and family. I am a very lucky girl. The only problem I have is that almost everyday, someone comes up our driveway in a very large brown truck and comes right to our front door! Of course, I see it as my job to let my family know there is a potential intruder, so I bark. Loudly. And I may be little, but my bark is very, very big and scary. Mom gets upset with me and tries to “shush” me. But I keep barking because it’s my job. Because it is an ongoing issue, Mom has now put a gate up so I can’t get down the stairs to the front door and do my job! Do you have any suggestions?


Dear Trapped:

Well if you would stop barking for two seconds you would realize the people that come out of those brown trucks with your Mom’s packages ALSO have an unlimited amount of treats in their front pockets! The nicer you are to them, the more treats you get. Works like magic. You really should realize how lucky you are that your mom provides that opportunity to you by ordering so many packages! SO, I would suggest the next time your “intruder” comes, you shush your barking and use your manners to earn your privileges back so you can get downstairs and be ready for your treat!


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