So bummed…can’t play in winter

So bummed…can’t play in winter

Dear Taffy,

This is the second winter in a row that I have blown out my knee. Last season was my right one, this year the left. I’m so bummed because winter is my favorite season! I love snowballs, digging & burying things deep in the snow and of course running and jumping into the snow banks. None of which I’m allowed to do until my knee gets all better. I’ve been trying to stay busy with hide & seek in the house and other games my people play, but my silly brother is always in the way & ruins all the fun. Tug of war isn’t even allowed, boo hoo. Do you have any suggestions of fun games that I can play inside without running around too much? On the upside, I am bionic in both legs so I will be unstoppable once I heal up!


So bummed, can’t play in winter


Dear Bummed,

That really doesn’t sound like any fun at all…except for the bionic leg part. My sympathies. So here is where the practice of yoga comes into play. Perhaps you are not familiar with that concept. As I am a brilliant Border Collie (whose Mom does A LOT of yoga) I am in the know. Let me explain: It is all about these things called “Acceptance and Gratitude.”  It goes like this: instead of banging your head against the wall (so to speak, I hope) and being frustrated with your injury, just take deep breaths and know that in a very short time, you will be back out in the snow. That is the Acceptance piece. The Gratitude aspect works like this: instead of pouting and ruminating over what you can’t do, be grateful for the things you can do, including, but not limited to: using the injury to your advantage! Your people will feel so bad for you, that you can give them the sad puppy dog eyes, and BAM! A treat (or multiple treats) will magically appear! You can randomly start whining when they are near you and BAM! You are the center of attention, and probably on the couch or in their bed! Trumps even the annoying little brother. As far as your brother goes, just ignore him. Butt right into the center of the inner circle when he gets in the way. You are the big sister and you rule. He just needs to be reminded that injured or not, you are the Boss. You will be back at it all before you know it, faster and better than ever. Just remember and repeat often: Acceptance and Gratitude; Acceptance and Gratitude; Acceptance and Gratitude.



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