5 Ways to Thank Your Vet

5 Ways to Thank Your Vet

It’s Vet Team Appreciation Week!
(via Modern Dog)

We have 5 terrific ways to thank your vet for all they do, and the perfect time to do it: The first ever Veterinary Team Appreciation Week takes place January 17 – 23!  Presented by Petplan pet insurance, Vet Team Appreciation Week was created to celebrate the passion and dedication veterinary teams bring to their work. During the weeklong event, Petplan, along with AAHA, NAVC and NAVTA, will be thanking veterinary practices all over the USA for their hard work and dedication and they’d love you to join them. The Petplan team will also be hand-delivering treats to hundreds of veterinary practices near their Philadelphia headquarters.

Want to thank your vet? Here are 5 great ways you can show your appreciation:

1. Fatten their emergency fund
Many veterinary practices have a fund set up to help pay for treatments when a pet parent is experiencing extenuating circumstances or when a stray animal is brought in needing treatment. Donating dollars to help the veterinary team continue doing their work—even for animals who have no one to pay for their treatment—is the ultimate reward.

2. Grant their wishes
Find out if your veterinary practice has a wishlist of items they need and donate what you can. Pet supplies, sanitizer and office supplies are common wish list items. Even something as simple as used bedding or towels can be used to provide warmth and comfort to an animal after surgery.

3. Rev their engines
Spending the day on your feet and dealing with emergencies takes a lot of energy—help your vet team recharge by bringing them a much needed caffeine kick! Many coffee shops sell bulk coffee for special events; pick one up and surprise your pet’s care team with a little afternoon pick-me-up.

4. Fill their bellies
The vet team works non-stop from the moment they walk in the door. And being on your toes all day in a caretaking role doesn’t leave a lot of time for lunch. A tray of sandwiches or treats may provide the only chance to sneak a bite to eat, and they certainly need the energy!

5. Spell out your thanks
Thank you cards and notes still go a long way – as do Facebook posts and positive reviews on Google, Yelp and social media (use the hashtag  #VetTeamAppreciationWeek). By putting your gratitude into words, you’re showing these hardworking people just how much their care means to you—because a simple gesture can sometimes mean the most.


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