21 Reasons your dog was the best sibling there ever was

21 Reasons your dog was the best sibling there ever was

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When people think of dogs words like adorable, loyal, energetic, and playful are a few that come to mind. For those of us who’ve had the privilege of growing up with a pup, we know there are a few extra reasons why they’re simply the best. ?

They were there to clean up your messes, to snuggle with you, and they were the only siblings who never told on you (and wouldn’t if they could have).

So whether your parents brought home a new pup, or there was already one waiting for you, here are a few reasons why your dog was the best sibling you could’ve had.

1. You could trust them with your secrets.

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2. They never turned down the chance to play outside.

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3. They cleaned up the food on your face, instead of making fun of you for it.

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4. They never stole your clothes (besides a sock every now and then).

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5. You never worried about making a mess since they cleaned it up as quickly as a Swiffer.

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6. They always made room on the couch for you.

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7. They helped you make new friends…

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8. And let you play with theirs.

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9. You never fought about who Mom’s favorite was…

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10. Or what show you’d watch after school.

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11. They were always there to support you…

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12. And listen after a long day.

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13. They were always up for a long walk…

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14. Or afternoon nap.

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15. They reminded you never to worry, without saying much.

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16. You never fought about what to play, they were just happy to be a part of the game.

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17. They were always watching out for you.

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18. They always knew how to put a smile on your face.

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19. You’ve covered up each other’s accidents…

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20. And have been each other’s best friend since you can remember.

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21. And in the end, you always knew you had the best sibling waiting for you at home.

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