Love Struck

Love Struck

Dear Taffy:

I am an extremely handsome, well-educated, well-mannered and not to mention wealthy Labradoodle. For the most part, I am a chic magnet. However, recently at the local hang out (a/k/a the Dog Park), my highest percentage successful moves have been completely ignored by the most beautiful Border Collie I have ever seen.  Instead, and for reasons completely beyond me, she pays all of her attention to, with all due respect, a Mutt! He doesn’t have near the charm, finesse, resources or looks that I have clearly tried to show her. Over and over.  She ignores me altogether. She may stare at me for a brief second, then run off with the Mutt to play! I think I’m in love and not sure what to do to get her attention. Any advice?



Dear Baffled:

As a Border Collie female, I can tell you that no matter how clever and charming you think you are, us Border Collie female’s know we are smarter than you from the start. Ordinary moves and skills do not impress us. Rather, we gravitate toward those who demonstrate humility, kindness; those who are hard workers; and those who understand the order of things: namely that we are in charge of the world. It sounds like your techniques are appalling to her. Hence she is attracted to the Mutt who seems to understand and know she is the Queen of the universe. My suggestion would be to do a 180 and rethink your methods with her. For example, bow down to her when she walks by; show her you can be humble by bringing her your fetch ball instead of greedily keeping it for yourself; let her drink out of the Park water bowl first. Anything that will show you understand the world revolves around her. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.


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