Sad and blue by the bus stop…It’s homework season.

Sad and blue by the bus stop…It’s homework season.

Dear Taffy:

It’s August and while I know my Mom and Dad are doing the “happy dance” because it is back to school time, I feel very sad and stressed. My playmates won’t be around all the time and even when school is over, they always have something else to do. AND, the WORST part is when they get home they have to do homework….usually including math! It rolls like this: every night after we eat dinner, my playmates sit around the kitchen table to do their homework (after a lot of stalling), and for some reason, math is always a part of it. How do I know this? Because when they are stuck on a problem, they ask for help…. which is the problem….it always turns into loud voices and tears. Do you have any suggestions?




Dear #mathissohard:

I understand how you feel. Math was an issue in my house too. Here is my solution. I figure that math homework is like a thunderstorm: very noisy, somewhat scary and unpredictable. However, the good news is, like a thunderstorm, math homework is short-lived and passes. Despite my being brave and in control of most situations, math and thunderstorms are two that give me pause. So, my suggestion is to treat math homework like a storm: once you see or hear the storm coming, go hide in the closet. However, before you go, make sure you show your family that you are scared: tuck your tail, lower your eyes and flatten your ears. Once you are sure they have seen you, THEN go to the closet and hide. Once the “math storm” passes, they will come find you, give you hugs, belly rubs and treats. This my friend is your rainbow at the end of the math storm. Good luck!


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