Help! My sister is the “pretty one”

Help! My sister is the “pretty one”

flavius dogDear Taffy:

I am a beautiful pound puppy (my DNA tests say that I am part Lhasa Apso and part German Shepard) and have an ongoing sibling issue that seems SO unfair! I have a sister who is clearly treated as the “pretty one” in our family. I am always called the “smart one”, which is great, except that she gets away with everything because she “is so pretty”. She is especially annoying when she thinks she is “hiding” and “stalking” me – duh – I can CLEARLY see her right in front me! (because I am smart like that). It’s like she thinks she is wearing an invisible cloak. I digress, the basic problem is she gets away with everything in our family when I am held to a much higher standard.

Any suggestions?


Smarty Pants


Dear Smarty Pants:

That is a challenging situation, to which I can relate. Here is what I suggest: Every time your sister tries to come by and “stalk” you, stare at her…deep into her eyes….then walk away with your back to her. Immediately go lay down in an obscure yet noticeable spot and act like you are pouting. Make loud sighing noises.  This accomplishes two things: first, it tells your sister she isn’t invisible and you are over her game, and secondly and most importantly, if your Mom or Dad sees (or hears) you pouting, they will wonder what is wrong. You will get extra belly rubs, treats, attention, play time and snuggle time. Work it my friend.

The pouty act rules, believe me.


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