SO DONE: My brother is SUPER annoying (Leroy and Fred)

SO DONE: My brother is SUPER annoying (Leroy and Fred)

Fred the regal Beagle

Dear Taffy:

My name is Fred and I am a regal Beagle who has THE MOST ANNOYING BROTHER in the ENTIRE WORLD! I am a mature 3 year old, and my brother, Leroy, is a stupid baby beagle – 1.5! Seriously, I don’t even know why Mom had to get another beagle..aren’t I enough? Anyway, one of the most annoying things he does is when he gets excited (which is a lot b/c he is stupid puppy) bite me all over, especially around my ears. Nothing to hard, Mom calls them “playful gentle bites.” I mean sometimes I try to ignore him me biting but she he still goes on bite after bite. Mom says he just gets so excited he can’t help it! Seems like Mom ALWAYS takes his side and gives him bones…what about me? Anyway, do you have any suggestions for me? (Other than hiring Guido, the Very Big Guard Dog down the street….)





I can sympathize with you as I too have an annoying sister who is SUCH a baby Mom always lets her “win” and she hardly ever gets in trouble. I definitely have a trick for you to help the situation. You mentioned your Mom gives him bones to distract him from biting you. If that is the case, the minute your Mom turns her back, take the bone away from your brother and hide it – don’t forget where you hide it (that’s a very important piece of the plan). Do that every time your Mom gives him a bone after he bites you. He will get quite confused about whether he wants to bite you or get the bone. On top of that, while you are in the “training phase”, when you see him coming over in that excited way, immediately go get the bone you cleverly hid and start eating it. Again, he will be very confused. You see how this game works? For those time the biting occurs when your Mom isn’t home, give him a super low, guttural convincing growl while showing your teeth and then just walk away, lay somewhere else with your back to him. He will pout and leave you alone. Good luck!

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