I am really NOT stinky…

I am really NOT stinky…

Tory....the Rose

Tory….the Rose

Dear Taffy:

My name is Tory, and I am a mixed bred adopted from the animal shelter in Larimer County, Colorado. I love my family and my 2 sisters, BUT there is one problem that has just come up this summer. I live in the mountains and have a huge area in the back of our house where the deer, moose and fox can come over and visit us. I can also run up the trail behind the house and find them if they are busy. Well, on my way to meet my friends, there is this one bush that has my FAVORITE perfume all around it! It smells heavenly! I bathe myself in it to make sure I am adequately covered. The problem is that when I get home, my whole family covers their mouth and nose and calls me STINKY BUTT! It really hurts my feelings because I think I smell good. To add insult to injury, after they gag and call me names, they put me outside and take me to the dog wash! How can I tell them that that is my perfume and they are hurting my feelings?


Tory, Smelling like a rose


Dear Tory:

Well clearly your family doesn’t understand the value of high quality fragrance. To clarify their misconception, perhaps you should give them an opportunity to try the fragrance in other ways. For example, you could lay on the couch, the bed or multiple chairs with your perfume. Then they could smell it independently on the furniture, perhaps even giving it time to open up, just like a fine wine. Also, when they try to give you a bath, you should roll over on your back making it hard for them to scold you, and more likely for you to at least get a tummy rub. If they are really mad, then after they give you a bath, sit in the corner and don’t look at them or talk to them. Pout. STARE OBSESSIVELY at the corner. Don’t break. They will feel so bad they will bring you treats and give you a bunch of attention. Good luck Stinky!

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