Bored English lab dude in Colorado

Bored English lab dude in Colorado

Dear Taffy:Summer 2006 071

I am a very active, not to mention attractive, English lab (not an American lab) who, like you, lives in the mountains of Colorado. I know I am very lucky, but the problem is when Mom and Dad leave the house AND leave me behind, I get SO BORED! I try to be patient and wait by the door, but that takes too long. So I go in the sleeping room, find Mom and Dad’s things to chew on and carry around the house with me. You know, socks, shoes, underwear…But now I am tired of that. Do you have any suggestions on solving my boredom problem?


Bored dude in Colorado


Dear Bored:

In my experience, if you just stay and STARE at the door or window long enough, they will come back home. Be sure the door has glass so you can stare endlessly at the driveway or road and see their car. If the door doesn’t have glass, then change your spot to a window that faces the driveway or street. Again, stare OBSESSIVELY. They will appear. Did you ever think that your chewing their stuff and making a mess in the house makes them stay away longer? Probably not, because you are a lab and I am a Brilliant Border Collie. That’s why I am writing this blog. Good luck!

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